The Success Story of ICSHE 2019

On the 21st-23rd of June, 2019 we hosted the 2nd International Conference on Social Sciences, Humanities and Education (ICSHE). For this edition we picked the beautiful city of Vienna, Austria. The University of Vienna provided the perfect venue for this premier academic event.

ICSHE 2019 received high praise from both the attendees and the esteemed panel of speakers. The program featured numerous presentations covering the most trending issues in the field. These are just a few examples: race and ethnicity, benefits of digital game-based learning, changing learning needs, teenage depression, education and special needs, etc.

Another reason the event was so well received by everyone is its international nature. Our attendees came from such countries as India, South Africa, Russia, Australia, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Poland, Turkey, Croatia, Philippines, France, China, and others. Each participant had a unique perspective and area expertise, which made for fascinating discussions.

We also organized a free guided tour of the host city and every attendee was extended an invitation to join. From its beautiful museums, to its incredible parks, to its delicious food – Vienna has so much to offer. The tour made the event all the more special for the participants.

We hope to see you at ICSHE 2021!