Language and context;TheImportance of their Interconnection in the Communication Process

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Proceedings of ‏The 3rd International Conference on Social Science, Humanities and Education

Year: 2020


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Language and context;TheImportance of their Interconnection in the Communication Process

Dr. Holta Heba, Dr. Klodiana Rafti, Msc. Romina Caushaj



The power of language is enormous in terms of the life chain. For centuries it has been and remains the solution or complex of various human situations, so society constantly strives to give it meaning and place.The study aims to analyze the importance of language in the communicative process as well as its relation to context. Communicating means accepting that people think, act, and live differently and that only the meaningful conveyed message realizes the communication bridge between them.The research question posed is: How important is the language / context connection in the communicative process between parties with disparateeducation, culture and beliefs?The hypothesis of this research is: Language is an essential element in communication, related to sociocultural factors of society, therefore it cannot be perceived separately from the context in which it is used. The study consists of the treatment of language in space and time, based on some concrete examples of Albanian culture. Language, which enables the transmission of the meaningful message, is an important element of the communicative bridge between identities with disparate education and culture.

Keywords: language, communication, context, culture, identity

Dr. Holta Heba

Mediterranean University of Albania

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Dr. Klodiana Rafti

Mediterranean University of Albania

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Msc. Romina Caushaj

Mediterranean University of Albania

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