Theoretical and Legal Analysis of the Concept of National Interests of the State

Proceedings of ‏The 3rd International Conference on Social Science, Humanities and Education

Theoretical and Legal Analysis of the Concept of National Interests of the State

Bela B. Bidova


the purpose of this research is theoretical and legal analysis of historiography of concepts of national interests in legal science. The study examines the main theoretical approaches to the relationship and understanding of the categories of “interests”, “legitimate interests”, “national interests”, their sources and significance in modern legal science, the methodological characteristics of these concepts, the features of their relationship, as well as their dialectical relationship and specificity, the role of the concepts in legal regulation. The doctrinal and conceptual features of securing national interests in the modern Russian legal system are selected and priorities of formation of the system of national interestsare defined, the optimum ways of formation of system of national interestsareproposed through integrated models that ensure adequate integration of a national interests objective, establishment of legal mechanisms of their protection and implementation. We investigated and evaluated the effectiveness of the international legal mechanisms of ensuring national interests of Russia in the regional and global level, defined the priorities of international legal cooperation in the context of ensuring national security and protecting national interests.

Keywords : nterest, social interests, legitimate interests, national interests, theoretical and methodological approach, implementation mechanism, national security, protection of national interests.

Bela B. Bidova
Faculty of Law, Chechen State University, Russia

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